Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is an Animal, Review

The six-piece indie rock/pop band that is Of Monsters and Men came to the public eye through winning a battle of the bands competition back in their native Iceland in 2010. Since then they have released My Head Is an Animal, a true masterpiece of modern music.

There are dual vocals – one male, one female, and they complement other very well. At times, the woman sounds like Florence & the Machine or Marina & the Diamonds – you get the idea – and I love that.

The album kicks off with Dirty Paws, a solid opener. 7.5/10

Next up is King and Lionheart, a slower affair that showcases their song writing ability. 8/10

Mountain Sound is much more upbeat a tune, but that shouldn’t take anything away from it, it’s another excellent track. 8.5/10

Slow and Steady takes us back to the slow style we’re now used to from OMAM. The drums are prominent here despite it being a quiet song. 7.5/10

From Finner builds brilliantly and doesn’t fail you. 8/10

Little Talks is the big hit single from the band, and deservedly so. If you want to listen to this song, I recommend watching the official video with it, it’s well worth it. Vocals are chilling here, and again, it builds so well. 9.5/10

Six Weeks, another enjoyable track but nothing groundbreaking. 7/10

Love Love Love is one of the best songs on the album. The lyrics are so meaningful and well delivered. 8/10

I like Your Bones, but it requires something more for me to say I love it. 7.5/10

Sloom is a superb track, so much meaning. 8.5/10

Lakehouse is another nice tune that builds up to the final one. Choruses of ‘la la la la la la la la la la’ stick in your head. 7.5/10

Yellow Light concludes the album well, another slow but steady song but you’re left feeling like there’s something missing.

Overall, this is a fantastic debut album from the band, and hopefully there’ll be many more to come. If you haven’t heard of them, check out Little Talks here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghb6eDopW8I&ob=av2e

Album rating: 8.5/10


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