Is Google+ a Failure?

Google has been pushing its Google+ service to everyone as much as physically possible lately, but it seems, just as Microsoft is struggling to obtain a respectable smartphone marketshare, it is nearly impossible to penetrate the social networking duopoly that is Facebook and Twitter.

Google have begun putting Google+ results in its search engine, though, and this, subliminally, will be advertising its service to searchers (which, again, is massively dominated by Google), and I’m sure we can all expect a big push on its Android phones in the near future. But will they push the service on iOS, WP7 or BlackBerry? I can certainly understand why not, but they will need to balance the pros and cons of this. They want Google+ to expand as much as possible, but if it is capable of doing that a lot without the help of smartphones, they would want to keep it exclusive to Android to give users a strong reason to choose it over its competitors. Indeed, Google have offered reduced quality apps on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, presumably because it views it as potential competition, and wants to limit that. They even forced a 3rd part YouTube app to remove its services (or change its name – YouTube Pro) from the marketplace, so it is clear Google are putting in a strong effort to hold Windows Phone back.

But the fact of the matter is that none of the actual people in my ‘circles’ have posted a status in months. Yes, I get the occasional e-mag, news website or sports club posting photos and articles, but it’s not the same as real people. Until Google can get actual people to start using Google+ as their primary social network, I can’t see how limiting Google+’s use on competing smartphone OSs is going to help them a great deal.


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