PS Vita Update

I’m writing to give my feedback on the PS Vita system, which has been so heavily criticised by the public.

Firstly, the price is a little less than what it was at release. I didn’t think it was overpriced at release, it’s a beast of a machine. The games still cost an arm and a leg, especially on the PS Network, that’s the problem.

However, the games themselves have been very enjoyable so far. I have Uncharted, Rayman, Asphalt and Wipeout, and all have been very good. I have also demo’d Fifa, Unit 13 and a couple of PSN games, all have been impressive. Online features work well, and the trophy system is rewarding, although I’d like to have some sort of use out of the trophies, rather than just having them.

Anyway, the Vita is a solid piece of kit and I’m impressed by how much it can handle, some of the games are quite intense. The social app number is increasing, although one could argue that the Vita should be opened to the public to allow for more apps to be produced. But the present social apps are very impressive. Battery life is pretty good too. The ‘Near’ feature is a bit disappointing, as it hardly seems to do anything, whilst some of the downloadable mini games are very low quality. The Vita badly needs more releases if it’s to compete though, so they better get going!

I would recommend the Vita to any keen serious gamer. I am looking forward to Gravity Rush, it looks so good!

Oli M


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