The Skints – Part & Parcel (album review)

After hearing they were supporting You Me at Six, Kids in Glass Houses and Mayday parade in the Brixton gig I went to in April, I went ahead and bought their debut album, Live, Breathe, Build, Believe, and it was fantastic. A couple of months on and I’ve now invested in their follow up attempt, and it’s every bit as good. 

The dual vocals complement each other so well, much like they do in Of Monsters and Men’s ‘My Head Is an Animal’ (review here: The songs are less instantly catchy than before, but there are still some fantastic tracks in there. Rat-at-at is the big single, and Up Against the Wall Riddim is another memorable one. The whole album is solid though, and this is something we don’t always see in bands, especially in their second album, I find, some tend to drop off the boil a bit and include a few fillers. Not the Skints. This is a truly exceptional creation, mixing reggae, ska, rock and punk in a unique combination that sounds fantastic. I really recommend you give them a listen, and if possible go and see them. They are playing a day festival in June:  

Overall, this is an excellent album and I have a funny feeling I won’t be getting bored of this lot any time soon… they’re a breath of fresh air is an increasingly drab industry.



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