It’s a tough decision, these are the thoughts of Matt and myself on who’ve been our 3 best players this season.

Manchester United Football Debate

In this weeks debate we discuss our candidates for player of the season. Antonio Valencia swept the awards. Winning player of the season voted for by fans and players. Bizarrely he also won goal of the season for his cross that went in! We have given our top 3 players of the year in reverse order.

3) Antonio Valencia

Antonio often looked our best attacking player this season. Seeming to move past defenders like they were never there and smashing in a ball with pace and accuracy to cause big problems. He has often looked like our best attacking out let and he can be relied upon to produce chances for the strikers to pounce upon.

His large amount of assists, 15, does not tell the entire story of quite how effective he has been. He has created a huge number of chances that should have been put away which…

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