The End of an Era

For me, and a great number of my colleagues, tomorrow marks the final day of our secondary education. It has been a rocky seven years at Sutton Grammar, but I think no one there would take those years back. Tonight we had a superbly organised leavers meal, courtesy of Will and Jasper (who unfortunately could not attend on the day – we ensured he still got rapturous applause though), and it was a moving night. Arranged into tables generally of friend sets, alongside some of our favourite teachers, we had a fantastic evening, I think it’s safe to say.

Even though we still have another day, and indeed revision lessons and exams at school still to come, it felt like the end of a great seven years tonight. Unfortunately, I find that the best times were back in years 7-9, probably due to the lack of pressures from GCSEs and A-levels, but I’ve still enjoyed the latter years of my education too, and hopefully I will be able to end it on a high with solid exam results in August.

It also signifies a maturing of all the students, who will now go on to pursue whatever future they seek. For most of us, that will mean going to university, but this is certainly not the case for all of us, and some may be going straight into work, and I wish them all the best. Although it is evidently not the end of education for many of us, it is certainly the end of a certain type of education at the very least, and it’s the beginning of adulthood.

I wish the very best to all those I’ve known throughout my time at Sutton, and I hopefully we will meet again sometime soon!


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