Bastille are an up and coming band from the UK who look set to set the stage alight in the coming months and years. They already have had their track ‘Overjoyed’ played on national radio and welcomed with open arms, and this isn’t even their best song! Laura Palmer and Flaws, as well as the City High cover, What Would You Do?, are all better songs and I think more commercial as well.

The band fuse rock with indie and urban elements to produce a unique and fresh sound that will instantly hook you in and keep you hooked.

Here’s Laura Palmer:

They have 2 very brief CDs out as far as I’m aware – Flaws single and Laura Palmer EP. They also have a collection of covers and other demos called ‘Other People’s Heartache’, which is another fantastic listen.

The vocals and instrumentals that this band employ are brilliant, and I feel this is a band that will appeal to so many different kinds of people. I hope you give them a go, God knows they deserve a chance!



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