A Frustrating Experience

I thought I’d share a frustrating experience I had yesterday in a Three shop in Sutton. I had gone in with my dad in search of a new phone for him and for my sister. I currently own the HTC 8X and was keen to suggest to them the similar phone the 8S. My dad wasn’t keen, but at the very low price (only £180) it was definitely a possibility for my sister. Anyway, a woman who worked at Three came up to us and asked if we wanted any help. My dad asked about the HTC One S, which is certainly still a good phone. She told us that HTC are no longer pushing the One range, opting to put more money behind their ‘Windows’ range.

I was already slightly annoyed that she didn’t even know the name of the OS.

However, after my dad joked that they would be foolish to put all their money behind ‘Windows’, and I whipped out my lovely HTC 8X (in my opinion the best phone out at the moment) and she looked disgusted, and proceeded to tell us that she ‘hates Windows’. That’s a good start then – the people supposed to be selling Windows Phones claim to actively hate it.

However, the real outrage came when she tried to justify herself to me. She said that she thinks the look and feel of the OS are both good, but that (and I quote) ‘hate the app store’ because it doesn’t have enough apps. What an excellent reason to hate an entire OS. One can only imagine what she thinks of Blackberry OS. In what world is 115,000 not enough apps? If people like this woman are supposed to be selling these phones, it’s not a surprise they’re not selling well. Microsoft seriously need to address this issue in the UK, stopping the ridiculous prejudice against Windows Phone despite it’s underrated Store, and the phone companies should take some of the blame too for not educating their biased workers.




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